Trends: Summer Hairstyles

Summer is finally here, why not welcome it with a brand new look! Usually when we think of changing our hair for the summer we immediately think, should I go short? Yes, the summer is a great time to go short, but this is not our only option…

1. Go lighter! During the summer our hair can become a little lighter because of the sun, why not go all out and go a shade or two lighter? Not brave enough for that? Why not try some highlights?

2. Layer it! We all love beachy waves and sexy messy hair, layers can help you get summer’s most popular looks!

3. Go short! I know what I just said… but if you want to go short, do it! Make an appointment with your stylist and figure out what short style suits you best!

4. Stay cool! If you don’t want to go short try one of these alternatives! Don’t underestimate the ponytail! and don’t forget the buns!