Shorts: All your questions answered!

A few days ago we asked you on our Facebook page if you would use shorts to work. Surprisingly, many of you said yes and most of you responded “depends”.  Since shorts received such a positive response (yes, we are inferring “depends” is a positive response) we decided to dedicate a blog post to this tricky clothing item. If you ever had a questions about shorts PrettyQuick is here to answer them!

1. Can I wear shorts for work?

Just as many of you said… it depends. Shorts can be a part of a great business casual look but it depends on what industry you work in. If you are a banker, consultant, financial adviser we wouldn’t advice you to show up in shorts to work. However, if you work in a more relaxed industry such as fashion, beauty, PR, marketing, entertaining or event planing we encourage you to fight the heat with a fabulous pair of shorts!

2. Am I too old to wear shorts?

No! There are many styles and lengths that can be elegant and age appropriate. Just stay clear of “short shorts” and questionable denim shorts!

3. Can I wear shorts to a date?

Yes! Shorts are a great way to look casual and flirty! You can dress them down a pair of cute of sandals for a “walk in the park” kind of date. You can also pair them with a pair of heels for a sexy look perfect to grab a couple of drinks at a trendy bar.

4. How short is to short?

As we said before “short shorts” are simply criminal. Try to find a length that you are comfortable with but to be safe don’t go 4 inches above the knee.

5. You need some inspiration before going short?

Visit our Pinterest to see some of our favorite shorts looks!