PrettyQuick Live in Lincoln Park: Our First Salon and Why We Love Them

We are so excited to announce that we are now officially filling salon seats and spa beds in Lincoln Park, Chicago!!  We debuted our real-time bidding system this week with Custom Hair Lounge, a hidden gem boutique salon in the heart of East Lincoln Park.  We love  their stylist/owners focus on sculptural cuts, glossy color, and artful up-dos.  Here’s an article our Founder wrote last year about why we love Custom Hair Lounge:


Meet Chicago’s finest hair sculptors, revolutionizing the “up-do,” Custom Hair Lounge’s Nevena Rothe and Tonya Gilbert. I attend about one formal event per month and for the past three years, I have gone to these two.

Just last week, I hosted a party for Vogue in Chicago and – typical me – left about 1 hour to get my hair done, touch-up makeup, throw on my dress, and head over to the venue. Not only did Nevena get me in and out quickly (her assistant immediately set to work with the curling iron, curling every strand of my dirty hair to increase texture and hold), she also used a cutting edge new technique called THREADING. No – I’m not talking about eyebow threading. Once she combed through the tight curls and had swept
my hair over to the side as she wanted it, Nevena literally took dental floss and ran it through my freshly set curls to create this messy-chic look. (no, you couldn’t see the white string) The thread held the style in place with zero bobby pins needed. Because there were no pins I slept in my up-do for 2 nights and though by day 3 it was time to wash , it still look fresh and beautiful on Day 2. I absolutely loved it and got about 79 compliments all night.

My advice? Treat yourself to an up-do from Nevena or Tanya at Custom Hair Lounge for your next event, date, special occasion, or – hey – just because! Trust me… you won’t regret it!!!

Custom Hair Lounge

2107 N. Cleveland

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