A Twist on the Up-Do?!

Having a bad hair day?

Spur of the moment date night?

Just want to avoid washing your hair for a few days?   (Hey.  No judgement.  We’ve been there, done that.)

Until recently, there was one go-to solution for all the above problems: the Blow-Dry Bar.

Women in New York and LA have been spoiled with Dry Bar for a few years now.  Finally Chicago welcomes our very own Blowtique started by fabulous Irish entepreneur Fiona McEntee.  Bar concepts like Blowtique and Dry Bar do one thing and do it really, really well.   Wash. Style. Repeat.  Wash Style. Repeat.  You choose the end look you want (inspired by Holywood stars or city’s of the world) and talented stylists work magic with product and heat.  For just $35 and 30 minutes of your life, you can literally enjoy shiny full (or sleek if that’s what you’re going for) locks for the next few days, depending on your hair’s natural oil production.

Sleek Blow-Out Techniques Give Hair Great Shine

Messy Waves Are a Popular Blow-Out Look

Inside NEW Blowtique Blow-Out Salon in Chicago


Well now, thanks to the ever-envelope-pushing Maxine Salon on Rush Street, we can get fabulous braid-dos!

Maxine’s has just launched a fabulous one-stop shop for all braid looks.  If you thought braids were just for little girls, looks again.  Braid guru, Cliff Freeman of Maxine’s, created a gorgeous, side-swept up-do  on my hair last week by braiding little strands and then pinning them all up in a beautiful pattern.  I loved the look and wore it that night and the next day!  Again – just $30 and 20 minutes.  It’s a total no brainer to pick you up when you need a little beauty boost.

Cliff Freeman at Maxine’s Creates a MasterPiece on Coco’s Hair


Side View of Braid Bar “Twisted Up-Do” from Maxine’s Braid Bar


Work in Progress at Maxine’s 

Featured clip on Blowtique and Maxine’s …


Stay tuned for both services to be on PrettyQuick SOON!!!!