We Love Lincoln Park!

As you all know PrettyQuick is now live in Lincoln Park! Booking an appointment through PrettyQuick can also be an opportunity for you to explore this great neighborhood. So if you have some free time before or after your PrettyQuick appointment here are some fun thing you can do to maximize your me time!

1. Watch a Show!

Second City is Chicago’s  headquarters of comedy and has launched some of the country’s greatest comedians. Bill Murray, John Belushi, Mike Myers, Fred Willard and Tina Fey! What better way to end a stressful day than with some big laughs!

2. Reward your Kids!

If you are a busy mommy this could be a great bargaining tool for you! Kids are not always cooperative when it comes to waiting in a salon but a trip to the Lincoln Park Zoo might do the trick! 😉

3. Sugar High!

End your day on a sweet note with a delicious Sweet Mandy B cupcake!

4. Take a Walk!

What better way to unwind (and burn a few calories) than to stroll down Old Town or North beach.

*Both models in the image were styled by Custom Hair Lounge.