The Cosmetic Bag: A Woman's First Aid Kit!

As professional women we need to be ready for anything at all times! Personally, I always overbook myself and I cannot say how many times my cosmetic bag has saved my life! However, my bag was always a big mess!

Ideally, our cosmetic bags are cute, portable and filled with the absolute essential cosmetics. However, we are all guilty of stuffing our cosmetic bags with makeup we don’t actually need. This ‘I’ll just take it all’ approach is both a waste of space and make up! (I can’t count how many pressed powders and eye shadows I’ve shattered because my bag was too full.)

I knew I had to make a change in order to turn my cosmetic bag from a big mess to a beauty survival kit. With that idea in mind I began a long editing process during which I had to compromise and rethink my definition of essential. At first, it was hard to limit my choices but after some give and take I was able to narrow down my choices without feeling I was missing something important.

Here’s what I consider to be my cosmetic bag essentials and why.

1. Eye shadow duo- I know it is incredibly tempting to take your entire palette with you, but trust me, two is all you need. I like to have a light shade that I can use for everything and a dark shade I can use to transition from day to night.

2. Lip balm- Let’s face it, our lips don’t stand a chance against our Chicago winters without it!

3. Lipstick- I prefer a darker shade because I can also apply less and mix it with my lip balm to lighten it up.

4. Foundation- I simply can’t go anywhere without it.

5 & 6 Eyeliner and Mascara- these two can take you from day to night in no time (perfect for that unexpected date).

7. Pressed Powder- Initially I thought I could get away with just foundation but pressed powder works better if I just want to freshen up or get rid of some shine.

8. Lotion- what I love about having a lotion handy is that I can use it for so many things, not only dry hands. If my eyeliner is a little runny I can fix it with a little lotion and a tissue and if I forgot to put perfume the scent of the lotion can also do the trick!

9. Tweezers- Again, we never know what life might throw at us and a pair of tweezers can really save the day if your threading lady cancels your appointment. (No hard feelings)

What is in YOUR cosmetic bag? Let us know @_prettyquick_