Lincoln Park's Fabulous French Facials: On Vous Aime Leah Chavie Skincare Boutique

Last Friday, we had an amazing meeting with the spirited and beautiful Kate at Leah Chavie Skincare Boutique.  We had heard from our beauty ambassadors at Cheeky Chicago and CS that they were the cat’s meow of customized, high-end skin care, but even our highest expectations were blown out of the water.

First things first… we sat down with Kate to discuss how PrettyQuick could help busy, fabulous urbanites find a Leah Chavie Skincare Boutique opening. (Hint…they don’t have many; Leah has been in the luxury skincare business for 20+ years and has a dedicated following.)  Kate was excited that on the rare cancellation or slow day, however, the PrettyQuick app could bring in some of Chicago’s most-pampered clients.  As I was preparing to leave, Kate insisted that I stay to experience the Leah Chavie Signature Facial with Justine.  My to-do list fell away as I considered climbing into her comfy spa bed with perfectly warm blankets, entrusting my tired skin to their expert hands and premium ingredients.


Kate guided me down the hall towards Justine’s room, pointing out all the ultra high-tech equipment along our way.  Leah has invested in state of the art technology and skincare lines including Vi-Derm and Biologique Recherche (she is one of only two US outlets to carry this exclusive French line); no skimping there!


After analyzing my skin and discussing my current regimen and concerns, Justine began by cleansing my skin with a relaxing circular massage.  She opened up my pores with a little steam and applied an exfoliating treatment to release congestion and stimulate collagen production.  I had a few impurities that she then extracted but she was incredibly fast and before I knew it the extractions were over.  Then came the best part… while my natural almond soothing mask was being activated, she gave me one of the best head neck and shoulder massages I have ever received.   The absolute best was her signature “scalp massage” which literally sends tingles to remote parts of your body while you’re lying peacefully on the table.  She wrapped up by applying an amazing serum to address some red spots I was seeking to minimize, and then a beautiful moisturizer that left me feeling dewey and ready for my weekend!


Though skincare is definitely Leah Chavie Skincare Boutique’s claim to fame, they don’t only offer facials.  Their nuanced service line ranges from chemical peels to laser treatments to clinical services (like skin tightening and thermojet body wraps, oh my!!) to waxing, tanning, and yes – even makeup!  I know… what do these professionals not do?!  Don’t be intimidated.  Their approachable staff helps guide you to the set of services that is best for you and your skin.

If you are looking for a specialized, attentive expert to analyze and improve your skin, look no further than this adorable Lincoln Park oasis at 2457 North Halstead.  Snag an opening now on PrettyQuick!!!