Must-Have Chicago Loop Massage: The Fascia Project

Downtown Chicago professionals… having a hard day?

Need some quick  holiday stress release?

Introducing our favorite hidden gem healer nestled in a sanctuary  office in the Board of Trade building.  Shhh… don’t tell too many colleagues.  She’s amazing and you’ll want her to be your own personal sanity secret.  Dana Breen, the brains and magic fingers behind the Fascia Project, brings an intense knowledge of the body, specifically the “fascia” or connective tissue between the muscles and bones, to her massage therapy work.

Dana’s approach to massage is unlike anything you’ve ever experienced.  The Fascia Project has identified the importance and beneficial properties of the fascia tissue  for their trigger point therapies and clinical massages. Fascia connects everything in our bodies and current research reveals just how important the health of our connective tissue really is.

PrettyQuick Report: We can’t get enough Dana’s fascia focused massages, they innovative and amazing!

Check out Dana Breen now!