Paul Rehder: The Best of Chicago Beauty

Paul Rehder Salon

Why have we invited Paul Rehder to become a PrettyQuick partner? The answer is simple: Paul Rehder embodies the best of the Chicago beauty industry.  From the moment you step out of the elevator the star treatment begins as the wonderful front of house staff greets you and welcomes you in.  Once your service begins you are treated to the best products and taken care of by Chicago’s biggest talents in the industry. The end result? Trust us, you will leave with no doubt that Rehder’s salon is one of the absolute finest salons in the city. Everything offered here is of the highest quality and hold to very high standards. With more than 20 years of experience and an extensive list of merits and recognitions, Paul Rehder is the place to be if you are looking excellence. Not to mention the space is gorgeous! It even has its own Parisian style terrace! What else could you ask for?