Goran Coban: River North’s World Class Salon

Located in the heart of  River North, Goran Coban’s second flagship has brought forward a very interesting proposition to Chicago’s beauty industry. A lover of Chicago, Goran was determined to bring the best of the city’s art and fashion scene into his work space. The result is a unique space where beauty becomes art, its clean lines and open spaces  truly make you feel like you are walking into an artist studio.  A very fitting feeling because you’ll leave this salon ready to be featured in a photo shoot! 
With a world class training and many years of experience under his belt Goran opened his first salon in Lincoln Park back in 2005 and later on added his second flagship in River North. A self proclaimed ‘black sheep’ Goran strives to find in each client that which makes them different in order to celebrate it. (You can even find a little black sheep in the salon’s logo!) So if you are all about your ‘signature look’ this salon is all about taking that look to the next level.