The Best Brow Spots in Chicago!

Kristyna Archer Photography

Kristyna Archer Photography

If your eyes are windows to the soul, then your eyebrows are most definitely the window frames. They exclaim shock, crinkle when you’re worried, and even express puzzlement in the Austen-esque-fashion of the “quizzical brow”. And if you have ever plucked too far or waxed too much, you know how crucial it is for your eyebrows to be treated with care and precision in order to achieve perfect results. Whatever your eyebrows need (waxing, shaping, threading, or tinting), you can place them in these most experienced and capable of hands of these amazing PrettyQuick partners. Whatever your brow poison is… we’ve got you covered!

Waxing: Buff Beauty

Buff BeautyWaxing, it is the bane of our existence! If you like to stick to the good old waxing strip a perfect place for you is Lincoln Park’s spa boutique  Buff Beauty. What you’ll find inside this incredibly adorable spa is nothing but precision! Also, owners Betsy and Suzi have succeeded in taking the pain out of waxing since both believe that waxing is not something to speed through, and they personally take care of each client’s beauty services. The VIP service begins with a consultation, followed by 30 minutes of meticulous brow control and ends with brow-perfection. Genius cannot and should not be rushed!

Shaping: Channing’s Day Spa

channings day spaLocated in the Gold Coast Channing’s Day Spa, has truly made brow shaping an art form. Featured in Allure and many other beauty publications, owner and founder of Channing’s Cheryl Renella personalizes her signature corrective eyebrow shaping to best suit your face . Not to mention, she has an impressive resume! She has shaped the brows of celebrity A-listers such as Whitney Houston, Angelina Jolie, Julia Roberts, and Terry Hatcher. But, regardless of the fashion and celebrity trends, your eyebrows are YOURS, and she uses the slope of the face and the bone structure beneath the brow, a.k.a. the orbital bone, to perfectly sculpt your brows. You should know, though, that this will be a tweezers-only experience. Cheryl doesn’t wax your brows into shape, she opts for the precision only tweezers can provide.

Threading: Thread Away

thread awayThread Away is an Indian inspired threading boutique with two locations, one in West Loop and one in River North. I have to admit, there is no way around it… threading hurts! Beauty really is pain for threading fans like myself but luckily we’ve discovered Thread Away! Unlike most threading places, Thread Away features highly skilled threaders that consult with you and take their time while they carefully thread  your eyebrows into perfect shape. The service also includes a relaxing brow and temple massage that helps smooth any redness. If you are looking for a high quality threading experience, this is it!

Tinting: Space Spa

spa space receptionEyebrow tinting requires a certain finesse and flair that not many can deliver. Look no further than the Loop’s very own  Space Spa. Be aware that just as with any other brow service, consultation is key when it comes to tinting. Not to worry! The experts at Space Spa will make sure that your eyebrows are dyed a shade that complements both your complexion and hair color. Tinting is one of those service we might not think of getting but once we do we can’t live without them!  Why? Tinting helps define your eyebrows and also fights the ‘wash out look’ that hunts so many of us during the winter.