George the Salon: Master Styling in River North

Stylist to power ladies such as Oprah and first lady Michelle Obama, George is one of the most sought after stylist in the city. In addition, George the Salon’s work has been highlighted by Allure Magazine as their pick for cut and color in Chicago. When I decided it was time for a new look, I knew exactly where to go!

george 1

She Went…

As I arrived at George the Salon and rode up the elevator to their  location in River North, I had conflicting ideas of what I wanted my haircut to look like. After I had given my coat to the hostess and was offered a cup of tea (which I desperately needed to calm my pre-haircut nerves), I looked around to assess my surroundings. The brick walls and wood floors created a warmth that is not always found in salons. It is the perfect place to unwind and relinquish all control to the stylist.

george 4

She Saw…

My consultation with my hair stylist alleviated all fears I may have had. She listened intently to everything I said and was able to make complete sense of my jumbled thoughts. I wanted a haircut that was both professional-looking and edgy, similar to a bob but with a fresh take, short but not too short, elegant and fun. If any client had given her a reason to request an image of exactly what the haircut should look like, it was me.

But, her calm and confident reiteration of my desires painted a beautiful picture in my mind that was everything I wanted it to be. She used the natural texture of my hair as a canvas for my dream haircut. She turned my nervousness into excitement with her description, enthusiasm, and patience. And, although it was the end of the night, she did not rush the appointment.

george 2

She Conquered!

We knew when we selected George the Salon to be one of our featured salons and spas, that we were getting the best. What we didn’t know was that the stylists there had mastered the art of deciphering a client’s description and spinning it into a haircut that exceeds all of her expectations.

george 3