New PrettyQuick Features!

Noticed anything different on PrettyQuick? Introducing: PrettyQuick’s NOW button and latest distance features!

PrettyQuick New Features


What’s all this fuss about? Let’s see… faster and closer pampering!  Yes please! How will these make your life even more awesome? Allow us to illustrate….



Scenario #1: Your crush sends you a text. Oh, you have a date? Congrats! Hold up! Take a look at your nails as you type your “wityy, not- too-eager reply”. You need a manicure, you need it NOW.

Have no fear, the NOW Button is here! Next time you are on a time crunch simply press NOW and let PrettyQuick do the rest!

PrettyQuick Now Button


Scenario #2 You had a stressful day. BUT your deadline successfully met, and you killed your big presentation… you deserve some pampering! Massage perhaps? From here only three things could happen…

a. A pack of angry monkeys are after you and you to take refuge in a luxury spa. Quick! Click 1/2 mile.

b. You are caught in a wild car chase (alla Drive) but Ryan Gosling has agreed to drop you off at the spa. There’s some precious Gosling time left. Click 1 Mile.

c. In no rush to get out of Ryan Gosling’s car? (Hey, a girl can dream!) Click 2 miles!

Now you can tell PrettyQuick how far you are willing to travel for your pampering! The bigger the range the more options you get  and the more you shrink the range, the more exact matches you’ll get!

PrettyQuick Distance Feature


There you have it, two (highly possible) scenarios in which PrettyQuick’s new features save your life! Don’t believe us? Check it out for yourself at!