Beauty Services Under 30 Minutes!

Love to sneak out of the office for a quick beauty fix? Don’t worry, we won’t tell! Yes, we all love the good old ‘mani-pedi during lunch’ trick but here are some other fabulous beauty service you can sneak into your schedule! All under 30 minutes!

 1. Blowout


Blow-outs: A quick 30minute or less (depending on your hair) blowout can be the perfect pick me up in the middle of the week. What better than to treat your self to a fabulous voluminous mane?

Where to get it? Tracy Adduci, 408 N Clark Street.  This new full-service Aveda Salon in the heart of River North knows how to give a killer blowout!


2. Head Massage

Head Massage

Head Massage: An ancient Eastern treatment that concentrates on your head, face, neck and shoulders. Helps relieve stress, anxiety and mental tension, cleansing and rebalancing the whole body.

Where to get it? Spa Space, 161 N. Canal Street, this award winning spa offers quality services and is right by the Loop!


3. Hair Trim


Hair Trim


Hair Trim: A quick trim helps maintain your hair’s health and strength, but it can also make you feel fresh and rejuvenated! Got a bit more than 30 minutes? Why not try an extra layer or some bangs?

Where to get it?  Fuga Centro, 8 South Michigan Avenue, right across from millennium park! It might be just a trim but you’ll definitely be in great hands with one of Antonio Favaro‘s amazing stylists!