Chicago's Hottest Hair Stylists: Hair Tips from the Pros!

Adrianne Johnston, Hairstylist

Maxine Salon: 712 N. Rush St. Chicago, Gold Coast.


What is your #1 hair styling tip/trick?

Be Prepared and Think ahead. Most hair in this windy city and many other climates require little touch ups throughout the day or night. We check our make up and re apply our lip gloss constantly. So we should take a few moments with our hair as well. Keep a small brush or comb in your makeup bag. A travel size hairspray too! Sweep over the top and smooth if necessary, clean your part and check for fly-always.

If it is a date night and your purse is smaller than your phone, a few bobby pins will definitely fit. You might want to sweep your hair up, or off your face. A small pompadour or front side braid are quick enough to do in the ladies room! A little head massage, by sticking your palms in your nape facing up and using your fingers to massage your scalp can revitalize life and fullness.

Kristine Singer, Owner/ Hairstylist

Solo Salon: 1065 West Madison Street, West Loop.


Where do you stand on hair accessories? Are there any no-nos? Do you recommend showing-off the hardware (bobby pins, hair clips, hair ties) or hiding them?

It depends on age, one thing that is really big in fashion for the younger age group is hair accessories for people that are going to festivals: wearing feathers, braids, beads, ribbons, ribbons inside braids–very Bohemian. As far as showing the hardware (bobby pins), the ridges should be underneath and have flat part showing to criss cross them. Hair accessories are popular but need to be done tastefully for older women.

How can we style to achieve an all-day-lasting wavy hair without it going flat by noon?

Use Bumble Bumble Surf Shampoo and Conditioner paired with Bumble Surf Spray which has sea salt and will give your hair more of a lived-in look. Everyone has a little body to hair you just have to bring it out. I achieve it by spraying it in and finger styling it. Product on top of product and finger-styling it. Then add a little bit of heat to set it with a hairdryer diffuser.

Sarah Balcaitis, Hairstylist and Colorist

Salon 1800: 1133 W Armitage Ave, Lincoln Park.

salon 1800 sarah

How can we keep our color and highlights vibrant between salon visits?

Use sulfate-free shampoo. I recommend Pureology because all their styling aids also have environment protection and UV filters to protect your hair throughout the day. The Pureology line is made to protect color and style. I also recommend only washing your hair when necessary.

Honestly, we don’t wash our hair everyday. What dry shampoo do you recommend?

GK Hair has a great Dry Shampoo that doesn’t leave residue in your hair. Amica Perk Up Dry Shampoo has a cornstarch that puts texture at the roots and adds volume to your hair. If it goes on a little grey, just let it sit and do its thing. Once it has soaked the oil, shake it out.

Dawn Iva, Owner/Stylist

Fringe: 1437 N Milwaukee Ave, Wicker Park.


We put our hair through A LOT (blowdrying, curling, straightening, hairspray…) and sometimes it looks damages and flat. How can we put the va-va-voom back into our mane?

Over at Fringe we have the Macadamia product line, which has an amazing Deep Repair Masque that strengthens and revitalizes the hair. To make fine hair look thicker and fuller, use Pureology Miracle Filler Treatment. Just shampoo and condition your hair, towel-dry, and then spray the treatment before you style.

What is this season’s hottest hair trend?

In terms of color, We have not been able to keep copper hair tones in stock. Almost all of our ombres are copper tones and soft browns. In terms of haircuts, cutting long hair to the shoulders with a soft layer bob and a soft wave with the front having a longer point are really trending. We have been getting a lot of Jennifer Lawrence haircut requests as well.