Hair Trends Fall 2013

Even as we savor the last moments of Chicago’s summer, our inner red-carpet divas are starting to come out of hibernation and are already contemplating the arrival of fall. Yes, fall. September’s 10-pound Vogue. Salivating textures. Rich colors. Boots. Fur. Did someone say cashmere? But before hitting the shops, the easiest way to evolve your look for fall is a trip to your favorite salon for this season’s must-have haircuts and color.   Becki Shunick, owner of the adorably chic b. A Salon on Armitage, gives Prettyquick the scoop on fall’s hottest hair trends-

Perfectly Pixie 


Unless you’ve been boycotting social media this week, you’ll have noticed Beyonce’s pixie cut is getting tons of attention on  Instagram. How popular will this style be for fall?  Becki says her most daring client are already requesting it so we expect this “Queen Bey” trend to spread like wildfire.

Lob it.


Not quite ready to go pixie?  No problem! The A line Bob … or “lob” as Becki calls it, is a great way to preserve the look of long hair with the bounce and fullness of short hair.  Becki says “Aside from all the talk about Beyonce’s new Pixie cut, which I am finding my more daring clients are turning to, we are finding the a line bob cuts (aka: “The Lob”) are starting to come back around.


Faux Fringe


This look is all over the runway this fall. Anyone with medium to long hair can actually achieve the look of bangs without ever coming close to scissors. Becki affirms, “Bangs of all shapes and sizes are definitely a fun way to make a change to your hair as well.”

Mix It Up.


When it comes to color, this fall will feature a lot of fusion.  Very few looks stay in the same color family.  Brunettes are mixing in gold highlights as well as powerful red hues.  Ombre pattern stay popular this season and present a nice way to work in red without too much commitment.  “We are expecting to be doing soft ombre color and using warm, rich red tones in hair,” says Becki. What about the blondes? Don’t be afraid to work in a little brown.