Is Makeup Bad For Your Skin? This Makeup Artist/Esthetician Has The Answer

Both a makeup artist and a skin care technician, Nick from Leah Chavie Skincare Boutique shares with us the secret to sporting a great makeup look while maintaining beautiful and healthy skin.

What celebrity looks / style do you love? Why?

I really love when a celebrity has that look in their eye of “I’m fierce and I know it”. I really admire confident celebrities such as Winona Ryder, Mena Suvari or Christina Ricci.

What is the most common concern you hear from your clients?  What do you tell them?  

Oily skin and congestion is a big problem for some of my clients. I just let them know that they should not be scared of oil. “Oil free” products are not always the best option because having some oil on your skin actually helps regulate your natural oil production.

What are your favorite makeup products and why?

I love Jane Iridile which is the line we use at Leah Chavie. It’s amazing.  It is so pure because it uses no binders, no chemicals and no fragrance. Her products are all about natural color and are really gentle on your skin.

What trends should we expect for the fall? Which one is your favorite?

I’m seeing a lot of variation of the smokey eye, instead of doing the black gradient makeup artists are using burnt oranges, rusts and dark purples. I really love this new take on a classic.

Some people think makeup and skincare are oil and water, is this true? How does being an aesthetician and a makeup artist work together?

I think even though both are different, we have to make them coincide. Makeup should never be used to cover up or hide. It should be used to enhance.  If you have a good skin care regimen you’ll have a much better canvass. As long as you have beautiful skin, all you really need is mascara and a great lip.