Tia Malhotra: Finance Professional, Beauty Enthusiast and Proud Wildcat

Tia can hold her own in the boardroom (she’s a private equity professional and a Harvard Business School grad) and on the dance floor (she’s been an avid dancer since she was young).  Tia epitomizes the “work hard, play hard” mantra.  Despite her demanding work schedule, Tia always manages to look like she just walked off the runway.  Smart and beautiful?  Yeah, we think Tia’s #PrettyFab.  

What brought you to Chicago?

Going to school at Northwestern originally brought me to Chicago. After spending 4 amazing years as a Wildcat and exploring all the fabulous things Chitown has to offer – from the lake, to the mag mile, world class dining, cubs games and general midwest charm, I was determined to be a lifer in Chicago.  

What is your favorite local hair salon?  

I am obsessed with Maxine hair salon. They have the most amazing, talented stylists and colorists (shout outs to Adrienne and Tina!). I have notoriously difficult, thick, and wavy Indian hair and as a result, have suffered from many bad haircuts over the years. At Maxine, they actually know how to handle hair like mine.  I always leave the salon feeling like a more glamorous version of myself (which is why I always am sure to book appointments coinciding with “big nights out”, ha). They also use the best products (Kerastase and Shuemura) and even serve bubbly if you are so inclined.

What is your favorite local spa?

For best overall spa, I love Bliss Spa given the zen-like spa facilities, awesome products and unique treatments. For example, I love the triple oxygen facial there which includes this rejuvenating and surprisingly effective oxygen blast at the end. I also love Urban Oasis for massages (they also have the option of a steam or body jet shower at the end which is the perfect ending to the treatment!).

What do you love most about your job?

As part of investing in middle market private companies, I love meeting interesting management teams and hearing their stories. I also really enjoy the team aspect to the job.

Do you have any tricks to make sure you look and feel great at work?

When traveling, I always try to drink lots of water and keep moisturizer with me to rejuvenate after a long, dehydrating flight. With early morning flights, I’m also careful to only apply eyeliner on my top lids (so my eye makeup doesn’t run if I decide to take a snooze), and 10 minutes before landing, will apply mascara, lower lid eyeliner, eye cream and lip gloss. Also, I generally try to travel comfortably (I.e., in flats), as there’s nothing that makes me feel worse than trying to run to my gate in 6″ heels.

What celebrity looks / styles do you love? Why?

I admire Jennifer Lopez’s look. I feel like she is getting more beautiful as she ages, and really knows how to play up her features with makeup that comes across very natural. Also love that she is willing to take risks with fashion.