River North Restaurants, Bars & Gyms We Love

You just got an amazing service from Tracy Adduci, now what? Here are some cool spots in River North to flaunt your new look.

Quick Eat:  Epic Burger

Literally across the street from Tracy Adduci, we recommend you treat yourself to a post haircut burger and milkshake.  If you’re going to indulge in fast food, why not do it with a “more mindful burger” at Chicago’s very own Epic Burger.  Not only are the burgers delicious, your skin and body will thank you because the patties are free of drugs, artificial colors and flavors, nitrates, phosphates and preservatives.

Fab Meal:  Bavettes

Book a blowout and head straight to one of the most romantic restaurants in the city.  Restauranteur Brendan Sodikoff has achieved pure magic with Bavettes Bar and Boefu, a European style steakhous in the heart of River North.  The warm dim lighting, dark wood and leather, and extensive menu of perfectly executed steak and seafood dishes make it the quintessential date spot.  If you can’t stay for dinner, at least grab a delectable cocktail at the bar.  

Fitness:  Real Ryder

Not your typical spin class, Real Ryder emulates an outdoor ride.  The bikes actually lean from side to side so you get a full body workout while toning your arms and core.   Upbeat music and great instructors will keep your heart pumping for the full 45 minutes.  Go ahead and book a massage after this demanding cardio workout, you’ll have earned  it.  

Bar:  Three Dots and A Dash

Forget all you know about tiki bars, Three Dots and A Dash is nothing like your “Tacky Tiki Night” back in college. Paul McGee, mixologist extraordinaire has crafted an incredible selection of tropical inspired drinks that will make you forget you are in Chicago, weeks away from the dead of winter. Not sure which delicious drink to sip on? The Painkiller No. 3 and the Pago Pago are amazing!

Coffee Shop:  Bow Truss Coffee Roasters

This small cute coffee shop with an eclectic collection of antique furniture has a warm inviting atmosphere.  They serve a bold cup of coffee that will definitely kickstart your day or keep you burning the midnight oil.