Exfole8 Owner and Senior Esthetician Dayna DeLaurentis

Dayna DeLaurentis is an acclaimed Chicago esthetician who has been featured in Allure and other national publications. This week Dayna sits down with PrettyQuick to talk about her job and all things skin!

Why did you want to become an aesthetician?

To educate people of proper skin care and to give the ones that need it – their confidence back. The world of beauty is always evolving so it wonderful to read and follow things that I enjoy naturally and pass it on to my clients.  

What do you love most about your job?

Getting paid to stay up on the latest trends. Building relationships with clients, helping them achieve their desired results and making people feel better about themselves. It is extremely rewarding! Oh yeah…not sitting at a desk all day.

What are your favorite skincare products and why?

I have lots of them – here are my top three for today.

SkinCeuticals antioxidants all of them C, E, Ferulic, Phloretin CF, serums 10-20. The man who created these put the patent of Vitamin C as an antioxidant and all Vitamin C is NOT created equal.

Oxygen face mask from Karin Herzog – a great go-to mask for a pick me up or to calm and clear skin blemishes.

OIl Free SPF 40 from Glo Therapeutics – it is the best oil free spf on the market. No residue or weird coloring.  It absorbs right into the skin.

What skincare advice do you give most often?   

How to properly take care of your skin. Magazine articles have come a long way.  However, you can’t believe everything you read in them or their top beauty products – there is a thing called PR and it always wins.