Halloween Costume Ideas from the PrettyQuick Team

Quick! Think of an awesome/cute/original costume for Halloween! Sure, it’s not that easy!  Don’t worry, the PrettyQuick team has come up with some really cool ideas to inspire you.  Or you can steal them– that’s okay too.

“I’m obsessed with Game of Thrones and can’t wait to dress up as Daenerys Targaryen! But I’m probably more excited to dress my cat Luca as a little dragon!”

-Lizmarie Oliveras, Marketing Manager

“I’ll admit it — Halloween is one of my least favorite holidays.  When I have to get dressed up, I like doing something easy that I can pull together with things already in my closet. One of my easy go-ideas is Cat Woman. I already love dressing in black from head to toe, so this just requires grabbing some stylish black leggings or tights (pleather preferred) and a tight black shirt.  Add some cat ears from your local costume store and some over the top smokey black eyes and… done.”

–Shreena Amin, COO 

“Inspired by my recent African safari vacation, I’m dying to rock a chic vintage safari look alla Meryl Streep in her film Out of Africa.”

–Coco Meers, CEO 

“So I have a bit of a confession to make… I’m a Halloween Junkie! I love everything about this time of year and this holiday. I especially get into making my own costumes (yes, like a diva … I have costume changes!!) & putting pieces together that I already have to create a masterpiece. I am a preferred customer at Michael’s Craft Store around this time of year. I am either going to be Poison Ivy or Betty Boop! I haven’t quite decided which one yet, but I can’t wait to start the creative process of putting it together! I should start my own costume business on the side haha ;)”

— Adrienne Salazar, Account Manager

“I love to go full glam for Halloween, which is why I’m going for a 1920’s vibe inspired by The Great Gatsby and Downton Abbey.  Not to mention, it will be easy to incorporate a fabulous fur coat and stay warm during the festivities.”

— Danielle Drabkin, Head of Biz Dev