What you need to know about waxing… from a PrettyPro.

There’s more to waxing than just the wax! This week waxing guru Beth Harned from Blade Salon shares with us her favorite techniques and products to achieve the perfect wax!

What celebrity looks / style do you love?

Kate Middleton for her classic, elegant style. Katy Perry for her young, hip style and perfect eyebrows.

What do you love most about your job?

I love when I am able to put people at ease when they come in nervous for their first ever wax. People come in terrified that waxing is going to be painful and awkward. When they leave feeling like they just had a luxurious and pampering salon experience, I know I have done a good job.

Any products you would recommend for before or after a wax?

My favorite skincare products that pertain to waxing are:

  • PFB Vanish – The BEST ingrown hair product on the market!

  • Finipil – The only antiseptic cream specifically designed to use after hair removal. Not only does it help sooth and protect against infection, but it also has an ingredient that helps slow down hair growth.

What waxing tip would you recommend for every skin tone and type?

I recommend that anyone that waxes should also regularly exfoliate their skin. Even if they don’t wax they should exfoliate! And I’m not just talking about your face, exfoliation is important for your body too!

Which service are your clients most requesting right now?  

Brazilian waxes