PrettyPro: Nancy Angelair Salon Stylist Jessica Maxwell

What cut/color/style are your clients asking for most right now?

With color, I feel like a lot of my clients are going for a more soft, subtle look. More natural is in and over processed hair is out. Lately with hair cuts, I’ve been really cleaning up the length with a lot of clients. I think the extremely long stringy look is going out and a fresher, cleaner look is coming. I’ve been asked for the long bob aka ‘Lob’ haircut a lot lately.

What hair care advice do you give most often?

Don’t shampoo your hair everyday!

What hair cut/style looks good on everyone?

Most women look good with hair framing her face, it tends to soften everything up. I think most men look best with clean look, tighter on the sides with a good shape for their head.

What are your three “can’t live without” beauty products?

Only 3? That’s tough!! If I had to pick…

1.  Oribe Dry Thick spray, its finishing product that creates instant volume and great for finishing hair or for day 2, the entire Oribe line is A-mazing but that’s my favorite right now

2.  Malin+Goetz grapefruit face cleanser

3.  My Jason brand Vitamin C toner

What about hair products?

All Oribe!

What brought you to Chicago?

I was drawn to Chicago initially to get out of my hometown and to further my opportunities as a hairstylist. It was far enough to get away but still close enough to get back to my family whenever I needed to, so it was an easy decision.It has the exhilaration of the big city but also that comforting Midwestern charm to it. I feel that it has everything I could want in a city and it would take a lot for me to move. I wasn’t exactly sure how long I’d be here initially but 7 years later I’m proud to call myself a Chicagoan.