Fuga Italian Escape and Spa’s Esthetician Megan Slavik

What brought you to Chicago?

I moved to Chicago 8 years ago and have loved every minute. I love the energy of this city, the Midwest attitude and the community that I am now apart of. Everyday is a new day and Chicago brings something exciting each day!

Why did you want to become an aesthetician?

I became an Esthetician because I fell in love with the whole aspect of skin care. Making someone feel beautiful has been the most rewarding job.

What are your favorite skincare products and why?

I like to use home remedies for certain skin issues. I cannot live without eye creams and serums. Serums have a smaller molecular size than creams, so I feel I get more hydration. Eye creams….well, we all age and I want to stay fresh.

What skincare service are your clients most requesting right now?  

I do a lot of Brazilians and Brows, but as winter comes into play, facials and peels are the main trend.

What skincare tip would you recommend for every skin tone and type?

Get a regimen and stick to it!  

What skincare advice do you give most often?   

Make sure your pH is balanced, so your face is not fighting all day to get back to its normal pH. Also, the skin is your first line of defense, stay protected.