Acchaa Spa Beauty + Wellness Spa: Chakra Balancing Massage

“Acchaa”  means understanding and agreement, a very fitting name for a spa that lives by its philosophy  to assess energy and understand if and why it lacks balance in order to restore agreement among all elements of the body and mind.  

Services at Acchaa Spa Beauty + Wellness Spa are based on traditional ayurvedic healing methods originated in India.  Acchaa’s Chakra Balancing exemplifies this approach.  Upon meeting with your masseuses, your “Dosha” or energy will be read to help dictate the appropriate massage practice. Healing occurs through the balancing of the body’s energies using elemental  therapy. According to Ayurvedic practice, each person must balance his or her  three doshas or energy levels. However, it is said that we all lean towards a particular type of Dosha either by nature or because of a lack of balance. The three Doshas are:

  • Vatha: Slender frame, tends to be anxious, variable appetite

  • Pitta: Medium height and build, great memory, likes luxury

  • Kapha: Large frame, passive, enjoys familiar surroundings

Acchaa Spa Beauty + Wellness Spa therapists can determine which Dosha is most prominent in each client and can adjust services in order to restore balance among all three doshas.  Your therapist will employ various techniques that focus on the energy centers throughout the body.  You’ll leave with your mind and body experiencing a natural state of balance and well-being.

Book now! Your doshas will never feel more balanced…we promise 🙂