Beauty Resolution #2: New Hair, New You!

Changing your hair is a great way to reinvent yourself in the new year, but the possibilities are endless.  Should you get bangs? Should you go short? How would you look as a blonde?  Let’s be real, you don’t have Queen Bey’s glam squad on speed dial.  Even if you did, it doesn’t guarantee you would actually get the pixie cut you secretly recently want. Thankfully, you have PrettyQuick to give you a few tricks to update your look without losing your head.  Even better, we can find you the perfect appointment to bring your dream look to life.


Before you commit to a new hairstyle, make sure you discuss it with a trusted hairstylist. Having a celebrity look in mind is great, but it’s important to customize it to your needs.  Bring pictures to show (not just tell) what look you’re thinking about.  A professional will be able to advise you on how a trendy style can be adopted to work with your unique face shape, hair color, and hair texture!


Not yet ready for the oh so trendy pixie?  Don’t worry, a quick trim goes a long way when it comes to updating your hairstyle.  A good trim sheds dead dry ends and makes your hair look healthy and luscious – a look that’s never out of style.


Finding the perfect product cannot only restore and transform your hair… it can literally change your life (no exaggeration!).   Investing in products that suit your hair type or address pesky hair problems can save you some serious time and money — not to mention a few bad hair days.  Whether it’s styling cream to tame flyaways, mousse to cut blowdrying time in half, finishing product to extend blowouts, or hair oil restore shine, there’s no better person to ask for advice than you hairdresser.  Stylists are extremely educated on their salon’s products lines.  They can help you find the magic potion (or mousse or powder) to transform your hair.  Salons like Blueberry Moon carry an amazing selection of exclusive and hard to find lines– and maybe even your miracle product.


Changing your hair color can be quite nerve racking, but also empowering.  The key is to find a hair salon you can trust and one that specializes in color.  Hair salons like Solo Salon and Mixed Co have highly trained color specialists trained in all the latest techniques to ensure your color is done to perfection.  Just remember, you’re color’s not done after the dye job.  Don’t be scared to ask question about maintenance and at-home care instructions- a good colorist will advise you on how to keep your color looking fabulous long after your visit. Looking for the ultimate color guru? Check out Custom Hair Lounge in Lincoln Park, voted “Best Hair Coloring in Chicago” by Citysearch.