PrettyQuick Beauty Love Affairs: Trianon Salon

True Love! PrettyQuick’s COO Shreena Amin shares with us why she has been with Trianon Salon colorist Pam Orefanos for 10 years!

“Growing up, all my girlfriends’ hair colors would always be changing.  For some girls, the sun would bring out beautiful gold streaks.  For my more edgy friends, they could go from blonde to fiery red to alternative purple in the course of a month.  For me, I was stuck with one shade: pitch black.  I was always afraid to dye my hair and with good reason.  Jet black hair is incredibly hard to dye, and I’ve had more than a few nightmare dye jobs along the way.  From brassy bleached highlights gone all wrong to barely there tints where I wasn’t sure if my hair had been colored at all, it took me years to find the perfect colorist.  In 2004, I finally met Pam Orefanos (before she owned beautiful Trianon Salon in Lincoln Park), and I haven’t let anyone else color my hair since.  Pam inspires trust with her years of experience and her quiet and confident demeanor.  Even though she’s probably colored my hair over 50 times, she always starts with an honest and open conversation about what I want before she even mixes any color.  She’s never used bleach on my hair but still manages to make my stubborn black hair pick up color.  She consistently gives me subtle chestnut highlights while maintaining my dark undertones.  She’s done such a good job through the years that new friends and colleagues mistake me for a brunette and are shocked to learn my natural color is dark black.  I may change up my color next season, but I definitely won’t be changing my colorist.”

-Shreena Amin