Beauty Tips for the Busy Professional from the House of Malbury’s

Good morning, PrettyQuick readers.  My name is Kathryn and I’m one of the ladies behind the website House of Marbury, a fashion and style blog for female lawyers (and other professionals, too!).  

While fashion and style are important for achieving a professional, confident, work-appropriate look, one’s hair and make-up is equally essential.

Unfortunately, many busy professional women miss the mark by either over- or under doing their weekday beauty regimen.  And, we know, it’s tough to look your best when balancing a busy career, a social life, family and all of your other obligations.  So, here are a few tips to help you get the job done while looking your best:

1.  Develop a make-up routine:

Take the time to put on a full face of make-up and do your hair every morning.  If you use the right products and techniques, with repetition, you’ll be able to complete a full hair + make-up routine in as little as 20 minutes.  

If you feel like this is impossible, enlist the help of experts.  Consult your stylist next time you’re in for a haircut.  Be realistic and tell him or her how much time you think you can devote to your hair each morning, and ask them to give you styling techniques that you can fit into your routine.  Same with make-up:  stop up to your favorite counter and ask for guidance on products that make the biggest impact and take the least time to apply.  

A few of our favorites:  

1)  Mascara.  You can’t leave home without it.  No matter how long your lashes are, mascara helps emphasize your eye.  Take a minute each morning to swipe some on.  

2)  Tinted moisturizer:  If full-on foundation intimidates you or seems time-consuming, opt for tinted moisturizer instead.  It takes seconds to spread over your entire face.  I love Laura Mercier’s line of moisturizers (complete with SPF!), now in a variety of colors to best match your skin tone.  

3)  An eyebrow product:  Filling in your eyebrows, like defining your lashes, helps bring attention to your eyes.  We love this simple product from Benefit.  Apply it with upward strokes and it takes seconds to darken and keep your brows in place.  

4)  A brightening pencil:  Use this pencil to highlight the arch of your eyebrows and brighten the inner crease of your eyes.  It works wonders and takes seconds to apply.  

5)  A light lip gloss: Finding a nice gloss or chapstick that you can use throughout the day is key.  We love Rose’s salve.  

2.  Aim for a natural look

Professional make-up should be understated.  While we fully condone and encourage the use of red lipstick in certain circumstances (i.e. not for a formal meeting with a new client or an argument in court), other unnaturally colored make-up simply isn’t professional.  Opt for hues that compliment your skin tone.  Do not wear brightly-colored eye-shadows in blues and greens, for example.  Reach for subtle browns, grays and purples instead.  

3.  Have a go-to hairstyle for rough days

Whether you overslept, or your blow-dryer breaks downs or its raining outside, whatever the circumstance might be, have a fail-proof hairstyle for mornings when you’re in a pinch.  One of my favorites is this pony tail with a twist, or this low rolled bun.  Or, browse Lauren Conrad’ site for all sorts of straight-forward hairstyle tutorials.

4.  Know where to find your favorite beauty products

When you find a product you like, buy a few and keep them in stock, so that when you run out you don’t have to make an extra trip to get a refill.  Or, make sure you find products that are readily accessible. Sephora and ULTA  both have easy-to-use websites, meaning it’s easy to order refills straight to your door.

5.  Pack your purse appropriately so that you can update on-the-go

Make sure to keep certain beauty products either in your purse or at your desk so that you can make simple, quick updates as necessary throughout the day.  I love keeping a pressed powder or oil-blotting sheets handy for fighting shine during long days.  I also keep bobby pins, hairspray and a comb in my desk, should I need to do a little refreshing before an afternoon meeting or an after-hours event.  Keeping a light lip gloss in your purse and at your desk is also a necessity.  

What beauty routines do you follow to help you look put-together and professional?  Please share!