Beauty Resolution #1: Take better care of my skin

It’s been a wonderful ten days since we declared our New Year’s resolutions and started a new year full of hope and determination.  Let’s be honest, how many of your resolutions have you actually started to work on? If your answers is all of them or a big fat ZERO, don’t worry!  PrettyQuick has a plan for a prettier 2014 and beauty insider tips and tricks to keep you on track.  


Acchaa Spa Beauty + Wellness Spa: Chakra Balancing Massage

“Acchaa”  means understanding and agreement, a very fitting name for a spa that lives by its philosophy  to assess energy and understand if and why it lacks balance in order to restore agreement among all elements of the body and mind.  

Chicago’s Secret to Beautiful Skin…..

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PrettyPro: Nancy Angelair Salon Stylist Jessica Maxwell

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Scary Celebrity Hairstyles and Makeup

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Where to go near Fuga Centro Salon?

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